Say hello to HR concierge and employee benefits through Slack.

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HR tasks? Done

No more email holiday requests, let your employees book time off through Slack.

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Use the tools you know

Integration with Slack and Google Apps makes HR tasks easy.

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Ask the experts

Expert HR concierge, available to answer your questions anytime.

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Save time

Delegate tedious HR tasks to our team and work more efficiently.

Hello HR has been designed by startup founders for startup founders.

We know first hand how much work HR is from recruitment through to retention and everything in between. Hello HR is built to reduce the stress and time spent on HR freeing you up to work on building and marketing your business.

Founders can spend up to 40% of their time on HR -

My team is happy and I’ve saved a ton of time with Hello HR.

Dan Jacobs, Founder, No More Filing

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